When Will The Covid-19 Pandemic End? – Infographic

Recently, much media coverage and government policy initiatives have focused on how a pandemic could affect the global economy. Several articles are claiming that the West African region could be severely affected by a deadly pandemic. However, the current global economic crisis is causing many economic indicators to fluctuate.

The recent spike in oil prices is influencing many sectors of the economy. While none of these issues are related to pandemics, it is essential to recognize that they are taking place. Some of the global economic problems have their roots in previous financial crises.

When Will The Covid-19 Pandemic End? - Infographic

The current worldwide economic crisis has led to tightening financial resources and tighter lending criteria for loans and credit. The credit standards’ contraction, particularly for loans, has reduced access to credit and a nearly stagnant housing market.

There is a plethora of literature on the economic impact of a pandemic. These publications include cross-country studies, which allow researchers to examine varying pandemic outbreaks over time. As well as time-series analysis of plague performances across countries or regions. Nonetheless, none of these studies consider the complex interdependence of workers, their families, the broader economic structure of the nation, and even specific cities within regions. This study advances a new perspective on public health as it considers the economic impact of a pandemic to both individual households and more significant regions and nations.

During the dispersion of the COVID-19 pestilence, the government joined forces together with the World Health Organization to improve the protocols. These strict orders are for the netizens to pursue, especially when outside buying stuff they need. The basis of these regulations is for everyone’s safety. Such as:

  1. Wearing of masks or PPEs,
  2. Sanitizing always,
  3. Social distancing,
  4. And making sure that one’s immune system is more potent.

Furthermore, authorities have also initiated a PCR test or a Polymerase Chain Reaction test that glimpses whether a person carries a virus or not. This examination is a fit to fly COVID test that allows those who are not infected and provides a fit to fly certificate as proof.

However, with all these protocols and adverse effects brought to each family, when will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

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