Website + SEO = Growth – Infographic

Many successful brands are found on the internet, and their dominance is evident in the first pages of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. Many small business owners will also want to succeed in their respective industries and expand their services and client base.

Small businesses need to increase their customer numbers to grow and need a website and SEO. A website is necessary to establish an online presence and allow people to find it on the internet. Businesses that lack a site will have limited reach and will not likely grow.

Online marketing effectively drives traffic towards a website as it allows people interested in a particular service to find the companies offering the service. Without search engine optimization, business websites will not be able to rank high in the results pages and compete against more well-known brands.

Is SEO worth the money? Yes, and it is all thanks to the results the campaign can yield. Search engine optimization can land a website on page 1 of Google’s results pages, mostly when the campaign is done by a reputable company offering excellent SEO internet marketing services.

Landau Consulting’s infographic on websites and SEO explains how both can lead to a company’s growth.

Website + SEO = Growth - Infographic

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