USA State-wise Life Expectancy Standards – Infographic

Average life expectancy varies from country to country, depending on both positive and negative factors related to health, social equity, economic wellbeing, nutritional standards, etc. Today, modern Americans can expect to live an average 78.8 years, a significant improvement on the 42.2% average exactly a 100 years ago in 1918.

However, what is even more significant, and worrisome, is the marked difference in state averages, as compared to the national average. Hawaii boast a life expectancy of 81.15, but Mississippi, at the opposite end, is trailing way behind at 74.91. Check out the state and county averages in this infographic.

Life Expectancy by State in the United States:

USA State-wise Life Expectancy Standards - Infographic

Infographic by – TitleMax

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