Who’s Who of the UK Biscuit Polls 2019 – Infographic

According to some historical records, it’s the Romans who invented the biscuit, the word originating from the Latin bis-cotus meaning twice-baked. However, from then onwards, the British seem to have taken over – from inventing ‘shortbread’ back in the 12th century when ‘shortening’ or butter was used in traditional bread dough, to the many delicious inventions of Alexander Grant in the 19th century.

So which biscuit is UK’s favorite – is it the Jaffa Cake, Shortbread, Bourbon, Hobnobs, Digestive or the new kid on the block Lotus Biscoff? Read on to know the winner of the biscuit-polls for 2019!

The UK’s Favourite Biscuit 2019: REVEALED

Infographic by – CDA

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