Dream ‘n’ Drool: UK’s Favorite Superhero Vehicles – Infographic

Ever since the first comic books were published in the 1930s, readers and viewers have reveled in the magical super-human powers of superheroes, of simple, everyday people like us transforming into custodians of a safe universe. They symbolize the inherent goodness of man, as well as the fantasy of superhuman power.

No wonder, superhero fans fantasize about their cars and bikes too – they’re drool-worthy technological marvels, and an extension of the superhero personality! Check this infographic for a closer look at the most awesome superhero vehicles like the Batmobile, Hell Cycle or Black Beauty. Drool on!

The UK’s Favorite Superhero Vehicles:

Dream ‘n’ Drool: UK's Favorite Superhero Vehicles - Infographic

Infographic by – OSV

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