This is What “Healthy Food Labels” Actually Mean – Infographic

There are two kinds of people who go food-shopping: the kind that just blindly puts whatever items they want in their cart, and the kind that actually spends most of their time in the supermarket reading the food labels behind food products, in order to make sure they know exactly what they are consuming. If you are the latter, you probably think you are being very responsible and safe with everything you eat simply because you are reading the labels.

However, what if the food labels do not really mean what they say? It is really crucial that you be aware about this. This article will tell you what food labels really mean when they say “All natural” or “fat free”. It is time you were made aware of this so that you can be more careful.

This is What "Healthy Food Labels" Actually Mean - Infographic

Infographic by – Free Fitness Tips

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