Technology Consulting Trends to Watch In 2021 – Infographic

This year is expected to see a long list of technology consulting trends that will impact the industry. Here are the biggest trends to watch out for:

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology consultants are expected to make more use of IoT to optimize campaigns, conduct consultations, and more.

2. The analytical revolution

Analytics software will develop in the new year and will help to consult companies to better understand what their current customers need.

3. Calculation edge

Organizations are expected to change their cloud strategy to include more modern services.

4. 5G cell processing

5G is expected to make a big impression in the coming months.

5. The emergence of blockchain

Technology consultants are expected to use this more frequently in the future as they have seen how it can be used in conjunction with other technologies.

6. AI is fundamental

Artificial intelligence is expected to become more widespread in 2021, with more companies taking full advantage of it.

7. The virtual reality case

Augmented Reality is expected to replace virtual reality in the coming months because it is easier to use, more efficient, and cheaper.

8. The emergence of the FAAS

Failure as a Service (FAAS) is expected to grow in popularity to help organizations plan accordingly by providing prototypes, visualizations, and other rapid failure methods.

9. More hyper-local business processes

Large companies are expected to be able to improve their ability to operate hyper locally.

10. Continuous transformation

Businesses are expected to grow and change in response to these new trends and technologies, especially as they retool the post-pandemic world.

Technology Consulting Trends to Watch In 2021 - Infographic

Infographic by – IDeACOM NC

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