Learn More About A Succesful Strategy For Businesses – Video Influencer Marketing 2020

If you are an agency who is looking to work in collaboration with an influencer and help them market themselves well, you know it is a challenging task. Considering the rife competition online and the way in which new influencers are coming up every day, it is important to keep yourself updated and map out proper strategies to do the same.

A Successful Video Influencer Marketing Strategy For Businesses

Use the following tips to ensure a good and air-tight strategy that will help you keep with competition while also making the best use of the trends out there.

  1. Establish a cause

The first step towards influencer marketing is to determine what you want to achieve by executing this campaign. Do you want to market a certain influencer? Or do you want to promote your product and services through them? This could be a small part of a larger umbrella of influencer marketing.

Establish your goals and determine what exactly you need towards the end of this partnership, be it higher sales, more followers, or increased engagement from audiences.

  1. Look for influencers that suit your agenda

This is perhaps one of the most important steps while choosing an influencer for your company. Determining who should be the one promoting your products is one of the key elements while developing a strategy.

If you are someone who will benefit by partnering with a cook, makeup artist, musician, or a gamer, you have to be wise while making a choice. If you are a digital platform supporting beginner chefs, it is better to team up with a cook on social media that has a considerable amount of followers.

So on and so forth goes the way in which you determine what type of influencer and which influencer most support your cause. By doing this, you make sure that you fulfill one of the most important criteria of influencer marketing

  1. Giveaways are your best friend

Whatever products you want to promote or wish to brand, have your influencers announce several giveaways on their social media pages. Giveaways work very well because they attract a larger number of an audience since nobody minds using and trying something if it is free.

Learn More About A Succesful Strategy For Businesses - Video Influencer Marketing 2020

Giving out free products at the start can really push your sales because if they do work at the start, people will come back to buy them even if you charge them considerably. This is because of how well your free sample worked for them, and they are now willing to pay for them.

Having these giveaways arranged by your influencer further helps your cause since having a famous face for your campaign causes larger traction towards your cause and products. You can ask your influencers to record these giveaways using a simple video editor available online.

  1. Encourage interactions with fans

While you are managing and working with an influencer, make sure they constantly interact with their fans. Be it through comments, live videos, or any other form of communication. Ask them to appreciate the ones rooting for their work and supporting them.

This not only makes sure your fan base is loyal, but it also provides for a strong foundation. These fans and followers will always be encouraging and supportive. They are the ones that will be willing to try out any new strategy you come up with or any new product you launch.

These simple but small methods can come in very handy when working towards a loyal fan base. Plus, they are extremely easy to execute since everything is digital, and it takes almost no time to get in touch with people all over the world.

  1. Plan meet-and-greets

Whenever you arrange for events, be it a product launch or some other interactive event that is simply meant to promote your product, ask your influencer to attend this event.

After doing so, you can put out an announcement saying that the influencer will be doing a meet and greet with fans after the event. Holding a meet and greet will not only create a buzz among your audience but having an interaction like this at the end of your event will ensure that people stay till the end. This will give them an opportunity to browse through your whole venue, the things you sell, and the products you have.

Plus, having a meet and greet results in a very interpersonal connection between the fans and your influencer, which in turn increases their credibility and goodwill.

  1. Collaborate with other creators

Encourage your influencer to constantly look out for similar people to collaborate with. This will result in an increase in their numbers and help them to expand towards a larger audience.

Collaborating with other creators will also result in creating better and new content for your influencer. They might work well together and end up collaborating on more than one project.

This gives a whole new refreshing look to your page as well with some content that is different from the one you actually create. Collaborating with others has become easier by using websites to compile videos online and using an online video editor after shooting.

This will give your viewers something new to watch apart from the stuff you usually create and also keep you up to speed with any trends you had been missing in the past. Having collaborations with others also makes sure that you are an integral part of the industry and in touch with all the people in it.

  1. Indulge in expansion

When you partner with an influencer, encourage them to expand to other platforms as well and not limit themselves to a single platform. If they are on Instagram, encourage them to open a YouTube channel and start putting longer, more detailed videos there.

They can make use of their already existing fan base on Instagram to give a push start to their YouTube channel and then further explore the audience on YouTube that is originally looking for detailed versions of videos. Nowadays, TikTok is a new thing, and many influencers have caused a shift to that platform. Learn to adapt and expand accordingly.


The arenas for influencer marketing have broadened a lot since more and more people have started shifting to digital mediums and influencers to look for guidance. Whenever they need to buy something or need help deciding, it is these influencers that they seek help from related to all the new products.

So, make correct use of the need of your audiences and accordingly frame influencer marketing strategies. In no time, will you see your platform boom and your business flourish.

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