The Cruel Statistic of Opioid Deaths – Infographic

Every other day, you hear about someone falling prey to opioid overdose. Heath Ledger. Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. John Belushi. The list of celebrity deaths that hog the news titles is very long. Unfortunately, much longer but nameless, is the statistical number of deaths due to opioids.

Check the statistical numbers of opioid-related deaths from 2000 till 2015 – a sad, ever-rising graph. Even worse is the startling comparison between deaths from different causes. Each death is a personal tragedy. Bunched together, they’re just another statistic. Don’t let your loved ones become a blind statistical number. Help. Fight.

Current Opioid Death Toll:

The Cruel Statistic of Opioid Deaths - Infographic

Infographic by – WhiteSands Treatment

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