Secrets to Living Longer – Infographic

On the most basic level, the secret recipe for living longer is a matter of 25% genetics and 75% lifestyle and choices. If this seems overly simplified, that’s because it is. Centenarians, people living to 100 years old and over, come from all walks of life and all regions of the world – what’s their secret?

Among the nearly half a million centenarians today, their reasoning and attributions for living such long lives varies. Richard Overton, the oldest surviving WWII veteran and supercentenarian at age 112 enjoyed whiskey and cigars much of his life. When asked about his longevity he responded, “Just keep living, don’t die.” Trudi Fletcher, aged 100, says “Attitude, attitude, attitude,” as the reason for her extended lifetime, and Harry Adler, aged 101, simply says “just stay out of trouble.” Good advice all around, these reasons don’t quite give us a whole answer behind long lives – but it gives us a glimpse into it.

Ready to add some centenarian habits into your life? See this infographic for more on the powerful phenomenon of Blue Zones, what it means for the people that live there, and what we can do to start living better and living longer.

Secrets to Living Longer: What We Can Learn from Blue Zones

Secrets to Living Longer - Infographic

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