Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM – Infographic

Find out which one is the best CRM 2021 for your organization: Salesforce vs HubSpot. Compared for integration, sales pipeline, lead generation, AI, and cost.

This Infographic encloses a comparative guide between the two most popular and trending customer relationship management CRM software- Salesforce Vs HubSpot.

Looking to invest in a CRM for your business? I’m sure there’s nothing else on your mind but Salesforce. However, I’d suggest considering your pool of choices before you go for it. Well, I’ll correct myself on the previous statement. You don’t have a pool of options in the case of CRM, and there’s this only tough competition to Salesforce by Hubspot.

This discourse will compare the two most famous and influential customer relationship management software- Salesforce vs HubSpot. Emphasize the factor that selecting the CRM for your company entirely depends on your company size, team structure, available budget, talented employees, and other factors.

Most large-scale organizations believe that Salesforce is the best CRM globally, whereas several small and medium-sized businesses firmly agree that Hubspot is superior. The battleground HubSpot CRM vs SalesForce CRM is fierce! We have analyzed both these platforms for individual factors that matter to an enterprise’s marketing and sales channel.

Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM - Infographic

Infographic by – Bacancy Technology

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