The Ultimate Riders’ Handbook to Motorcycle Helmets

Riding a motorcycle is an amazing way to get around. The issue is that motorcycle drivers are exposed to severe risk for disastrous injuries when they have a collision. Traumatic brain injuries in many cases arise from biker crashes.

The occupant of a bike is much more vulnerable to brain injuries and other bodily harm than the occupants of a standard car. Cars have metal, plastic, and fiberglass that can offer protection to their drivers. Motorcyclists have not a thing to secure them aside from a motorcycle helmet.

Cars and pickup trucks additionally have safety components, such as seatbelts and airbags, which are lacking on motorcycles. Because of this, a motorcycle driver is liable to endure far more severe injuries in an accident than an occupant of a car, SUV or pickup truck. These motorcyclist’s injuries can involve a very long recuperation and missing money when time on the job is missed out on.

What to Look at When Selecting a Crash Helmet and Tips About How to Look after It

Since crash helmets play such a significant function in securing motorcyclists in case of an accident, it is very important to pick the most suitable one, use it correctly, and also maintain it in good order. To assist with this process, Spaulding Injury Law has assembled an illuminating infographic that spells out the fundamental things to consider when it comes to safety helmets.

Go over the infographic on this page for relevant information on finding the right sort of safety helmet, making certain it fits perfectly, exactly how to inspect and preserve your motorcycle helmet, where to buy a helmet, and extra.

Can I Still Seek Money If I Was Not Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet?

Quite a few jurisdictions require every occupant on a motorcycle to put on a cycle helmet and protective eyewear. Wearing a cycle helmet slashes the severity of brain injuries in a motorcycle accident. If you weren’t using a motorcycle helmet at the moment a traffic collision happened, you may perhaps wonder whether you can nonetheless seek damages for your injuries.

A plaintiff in a motorbike accident can nonetheless recoup a settlement even if no motorbike helmet was in use. That is on the grounds that not wearing a biker helmet doesn’t cause a wreck. The insurance adjuster for the at-fault motorist may well point to the absence of a helmet to argue for a reduced settlement. That’s why you want an attorney who will stand up for your interests.

The Ultimate Riders' Handbook to Motorcycle Helmets

Infographic by – Spaulding Injury Law

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