Reasons Why You Should Have Solar Roofing – Infographic

Today, solar panels on the rooftops of office buildings are noticeably becoming a trend. On the other hand, are you familiar with solar shingles?

Solar shingles are an integrated photovoltaic (PV) building product – they can generate electricity directly from sunlight. They’re also made of specific materials that naturally goes under the electronic process in the presence of the sun.

Typically, people don’t notice the difference between a solar and ordinary roof shingle. But when you look closer, you will see their difference. Usually, solar shingles are used on commercial and residential buildings. Plus, some models can convert the voltage to heat, which is extremely helpful during colder months of the year.

When it comes to operation, solar shingles and solar panels are quite similar. However, they differ in cost.

A solar panel’s only purpose is to generate electricity. On the other contrary, solar shingles act as shingles, which make them more reasonable and less expensive for the long term.

In sunny places, solar shingles may produce too much power – but that is good news as excess energy goes to the electric grid. You may receive credit from your electric company on your next utility bill. Regardless, jurisdictions still differ in addressing excess energy, so consult the electric company to know how this process works in your area.

When used efficiently, solar energy may be the most sustainable power source. If fossil fuels run out, solar energy can take its role. Fortunately, solar energy can be utilized in our homes to bring a handful of benefits.

If you’re still having second thoughts, here are the reasons why you should have solar roofing, brought to you by UC Roof.

Reasons Why You Should Have Solar Roofing – Infographic

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