How to Fight Back Work Fatigue – Infographic

Do you know that the average work hours have increased to 47.7 hours per week – that’s 10 hours more than the average just a few short decades back? In real terms, however, over 25% of people work 50+ hours, sometimes between 55-50 hours! So, terms like fatigue, stress, over-tired, physically and emotionally exhausted, sleep-deprived, etc., are part of common conversation!

Remember, these could be symptoms of clinical depression, that can take over your life. Don’t give in…be mindful of your body and state-of-mind. This infographic highlights the perils of work fatigue, and how to take back control.

The Psychology of Work Fatigue:

How to Fight Back Work Fatigue - Infographic

Infographic by – Psych Degrees

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