The Psychology of Naming Your Business – Infographic

65% of Americans dream of starting a business, and choosing a great name is an essential first step. Not only does a good business name attract clients, but it also contributes to your brand awareness.

On the other hand, a poorly chosen business name can lead to a reduction in consumer interest, and may even lead to forced rebranding. Poor business names can signal that a company lacks self-awareness, due diligence, and attention to detail. In its most severe cases, poor business names can lead to total rebranding.

Similar instances have happened with Twitter, Subway, Weight Watchers, and The World Wrestling Foundation. On average, small businesses will spend up to $180,000 and 8 months on rebranding. Knowing this, it’s best to take preventative measures while you’re ahead of the game.

For a business, a name is everything. Luckily, a strong business name is only steps away. Have you decided on a good name for your brand?

The Psychology of Naming Your Business - Infographic

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