Tips to Prevent a Dog Bite – Infographic

Have you ever experience getting bitten by a dog? Hailed as the man’s best friend, canines have been known in popular culture to be arguably the most loyal and lovable animals to ever walked with humans. But did you know that dogs are actually descendants of an ancient type of gray wolf? Yes, they are technically domesticated wolves, inheriting some wild traits of their ancestors. In other words, we can never blame them for being aggressive and territorial at times.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over tens of millions of dog bites cases recorded annually, with children being the most likely victims. Having a dog bite makes you susceptible to rabies, a viral disease that can result in brain inflammation in humans.

If you have a lot of dogs roaming freely around your neighborhood, it’s best no never provoke them in any way. However, there is still some information that you need to know regarding dog bites and ways on how to prevent inflicting a bite. Take a look at the infographic below brought to you by The Brown Firm.

Common Areas for Dog Bites Injuries and Tips to Prevent a Bite:

Tips to Prevent a Dog Bite - Infographic

Infographic by – The Brown Firm

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