The Physical Dangers of Dehydration – Infographic

Dehydration is defined as a harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body. Though this may sound relatively innocuous – okay, so my body’s a little short on water today! – the consequences can be disastrous. Think about it: your body is about 60% water and three principal organs – the brain and heart, and lungs are made of 73% and 83% water, respectively.

So, dehydration is much more than extreme thirst, it’s about your body and organs malfunctioning! This infographic describes the 5 stages of dehydration and what happens to the body at each stage. Bottom line? Drink plentiful water.

What Happens When You’re Dehydrated?

The Physical Dangers of Dehydration - Infographic

Infographic by – Avalon Water Coolers

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