Upping Pet-Care Standards: Pet Technology – Infographic

In a world governed by Millennials and GenX, two emerging trends are taking the front seat: one, these two groups collectively comprise 62% of the pet-owning demographic (in fact, many of them are happy to replace kids with fur-babies!); two, they have practically grown up with technology, and are early-adopters of all emerging technologies.

Only natural, then, that tech-based pet products are becoming increasingly popular, and a boon for pet-owners. For example, imagine the amazing convenience of the CatGenie 120 Litter Box, that self-cleanses, self-flushes, and has adjustable settings for multiple cat owners! Read on for more fabulous pet-tech offerings!

Pet Tech: Giving Your Pet A Better Quality Of Life Through Technology

Upping Pet-Care Standards: Pet Technology - Infographic

Infographic by – PetXP

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