Guide to Newington Green, London – Infographic

There are times when going to the usual, familiar places can reach a level of excitement that’s akin to the humdrum of regularity. If you have a pair of itchy feet that always wants to take you to places of absolute discovery, this kind of ordinary just doesn’t cut it.

With tech as a practical tool in looking for special places to visit, it’s easier to gather information about certain neighborhoods in a city that offers a little something extra. And if you find yourself wandering around London, you can go experience a journey to discover one of the city’s hidden gems, Newington Green.

This open patch of space north of London with a rich history boasts of rich history and places less ordinary. Indulge in the neighborhood’s sublime character, where you’ll experience an alternative culture that’s cut off from the rest of the world. This charming place will not disappoint, so start making plans with this informative guide.

Guide to Newington Green, London - Infographic

Infographic by – APLO

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