Modern Day Attire of Fishermen – Infographic

What visuals crop up in your head, when you hear the word ‘fisherman’? Large, over-sized gumboots. Frayed jeans tucked into them. A large, shapeless hat propped on the head. A huge umbrella and many cans of beer. A pipe, a flickering lamp, a brimming hip flask.

That’s the fable, the picture romanticized in many a photograph and painting. The modern-day version is entirely different – think carbon fiber fishing rods, a go-pro to film the action, head torch, and so on. Check out this fascinating comparison between the old and the new. The fish, of course, remain the same!

Old vs New Fishermen:

Modern Day Attire of Fishermen - Infographic

Infographic by – Total Fishing Tackle

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