Guide to Match Right Hairstyle with Neckline

A woman who pays attention to the finer aspects of her entire look can easily look ravishing and glamorous. And this includes choosing a hairstyle that complements the neckline of her dress.

Read on to learn how to choose a perfect hairstyle to suit your neckline

1) High Necklines: Go for hairstyles like a messy updo or a horsetail in which your neck is visible.

2) V necklines: These seductive necklines look beautiful with half-up half-down hairdos like a loose ponytail.

3) Square neckline: This neckline accentuates your shoulders, so go for braids, twists, or curls touching your shoulders.

4) Strapless neckline: It goes well with flowing hair as well as hair updos.

5) Asymmetrical neckline: The neckline shows more skin on one shoulder, so balance the look by wearing your hair one the bare side.

6) Boat-neckline: Wear a French braid or low updo with this neckline.

7) Peter Pan Collar Neckline: It looks best with retro hairstyles. You can also wear a low ponytail or a messy bun.

8) Crew Neckline: Wear a hairstyle that shows your neck, like bob cut or messy ponytail.

9) Mandarin Neckline: Pair it with a tight top: knot bun or a French braid.

10) Cowl Neckline: Long, free: flowing hair looks the best with this neckline. French twisted or plaited ponytails would also look stylish over a cowl neckline.

11) Notch Neckline: Messy high bun or wavy hair that reveals part of your neck suits this neckline well.

And many more…

Guide to Match Right Hairstyle with Neckline

Infographic by – TopOfStyle

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