Is SEO Worth the Expense?

Most firms capitalize on the latest marketing industry practices to ensure they can stay ahead of the competition. One widely used strategies in the digital age is search engine optimization (SEO).

It leverages the power of the internet to get products, services, or ideas in front of potential customers who are already looking for what the company has to offer. However, SEO campaign costs can be intimidating, especially for small businesses or new companies.

These establishments often choose marketing options that cost less than SEO services. However, channels like local ad placemats in diners generate low conversion rates, and patrons may not even be interested in what the business is offering.

Through SEO, firms can generate more leads and higher conversion rates without scattering their message on conventional platforms that may be unnoticed by their target audience.

Provided below is an infographic from Landau Consulting to know more about whether SEO is worth the expense.

Is SEO Worth the Expense?

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