How Website Load Times Affect Businesses in 2021 — Infographic

Websites are no longer optional for businesses. They’re essential. There’s even a whole industry committed to buying online: eCommerce.

And while none of this is new news to retailers or consumers, there’s one thing that affects both companies and customers alike — website load times, AKA website speeds. A slow website affects user experience and, in turn, a business’s bottom line.

Even if, as a webmaster or eCommerce business, you’ve mastered how to boost your website traffic with Google Search and you solved the equation that website + SEO = growth, your website’s load time can be one of your biggest banes.

For perspective, around 70% of people say that the speed of a page affects their willingness to buy from an online retailer, according to some website load time statistics. What’s more, over 45% of people admit they are less likely to make a purchase if an eCommerce site loads slower than expected.

To help determine if your site speed is up to snuff, WebsiteSetup pared more of these website load time statistics into an infographic, as well as tips to improve a website’s speed.

How Website Load Times Affect Businesses in 2021 - Infographic

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