How To Plan Your First Day Hike – Infographic

Hiking is booming in popularity whether as a weekend hobby, functional fitness activity or a more immersive way to travel. With a renaissance of appreciation for the natural world, a desire to spend more time offline, and a prioritization of more safe, socially distanced activities, hiking meets a range of needs for how people want to be living on holidays and in everyday life. A report from March 2021 Technavio found that even with a global economic downturn, the retail niche of hiking-related apparel is experiencing significant growth reflecting just how many people are taking on summits, coastlines, national parks and more. The Technavio report projected that, “The hiking and trail footwear market is expected to grow by USD 4.25 billion during 2021-2025,” with this tied to the ongoing need for outdoor activities during the pandemic plus an increased interest in the activewear niche of ‘gorpcore’.

But what about the rising popularity of hiking on a practical level? There are myriad reasons to embrace this activity ‒ known by a variety of names globally including bushwalking, tramping and hillwalking ‒ yet one key attraction is just how quickly you can be hitting trails unlike other outdoor pastimes. Not only is hiking affordable and largely free, it’s relatively easy to give a go with minimal equipment needed and the option to choose how strenuous the trail needs to be. Despite this, many people find getting started with hiking intimidating despite extensive benefits as an individual and group activity. In addition to it being a great all body workout, it also teaches invaluable planning skills and opens up a whole new dimension for seeing the world around you. Jacob Deutsch talks about just this in an article for The Trek writing, “One of the best things about hiking is how much it teaches you about yourself – on and off the trail.”

If you need a confidence boost in this area, check out this infographic about ‘How To Plan Your First Day Hike’. Walsh Brothers Shoes shared this infographic to help everyone put their best foot forward as they get started with their first day hike. With key tips, facts and footwear recommendations, this resource can relieve nerves and hit the trails ready for a day of unforgettable adventure! Read on for the full graphic below and here’s to happy hiking.

 How To Plan Your First Day Hike - Infographic

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