How to Cook ‘Wok’ilicious Recipes! – Infographic

If you love Asian stir-fries and noodles, you know that half the magic is in the cooking vessel – the Wok. Woks are wide, flat-bottomed pans that have plenty of space to toss around ingredients, so that they cook evenly on a high flame. The shape and heat intensity of the wok results in crisp, crunchy, caramelized textures, perfect for Asian cuisine, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, or even Indian kebabs.

Since a wok is made of carbon steel, it needs special treatment before the first cook. Here’s a guide on how to temper your wok, and some amazing recipes to start your wok-journey!

How to Cook ‘Wok’ilicious Recipes! - Infographic

Infographic by – PartSelect & Ghergich & Co.

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