How to Avoid Homesickness at College – Infographic

Even if you are super excited about starting your college life, you might not escape feeling homesick. Moving away for college or university, no matter how far it is from your home, is a big transition. So it’s natural to experience this emotion.

Let’s talk about what homesickness is. Homesickness is a feeling of stress that is caused by separation from one’s family, friends, and home. The good news is that homesickness typically lasts only three to six weeks, and its symptoms fade quickly.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve prepared the following infographic where you can find the essentials about homesickness: a complete list of both physical and mental symptoms, ten ideas of how to cope with this emotion, and six useful tips on what you should avoid if you are feeling homesick.

Check out the infographic below and get prepared for your studies!

How to Avoid Homesickness at College - Infographic

Infographic by – IvyPanda

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