Is the Imposture Syndrome Detering Your Career? – Infographic

Have you ever felt like you aren’t worthy of the opportunities you have been offered? If so, you most likely were, or are, experiencing imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome affects 70 percent of millennials and counting. This syndrome is defined as an extreme case of self-doubt. So extreme that it stops you from chasing your dreams or sharing your experiences with those that are two steps behind you.

You may constantly think everything you do is fraudulent. Turns out, you aren’t alone. Even the biggest industry powerhouses (like Serena Williams and Tom Hanks) even go through the same thing as you.

This syndrome may stop you from reaching your biggest career goals or pushing yourself to grow. If you think you may be dealing with imposter syndrome, Mint created an infographic explaining the different types, how each type may affect your finances, and tips to overcoming it.

How Much is Imposter Syndrome Costing You?

Is the Imposture Syndrome Detering Your Career? - Infographic

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