How Do You See the Company After the Pandemic – Infographic

The global business landscape turned upside-down due to the coronavirus pandemic. And to adapt to the current situation, many businesses shifted to working remotely to continue business operations amid simultaneous lockdowns. Different companies, different approaches. Different experiences.

The COVID-19 situation is slowly being put under control as vaccinations happen in the country. Sooner or later, things will surely get back to “normal,” and we’ll see the economy bounce back. In line with these events, one might ask: “What happens to our company after the pandemic?” All answers depend on what your business is!

How Do You See the Company After the Pandemic - Infographic

Here are some of the businesses that would most likely continue and increase in trend after the pandemic:


Because most people had to follow health protocols and most people are mandated to stay indoors, the delivery business became very successful. People’s needs such as hygiene items, essential needs, and food are delivered right at their doorsteps; thus, focusing on this niche will most probably thrive even after the pandemic.
In some studies, virtual assistant companies in the Philippines and analysts projected that the food delivery industry could reach $200 billion in 2025 pre-COVID.


When e-commerce is up, delivery service is up. As many companies and physical stores were not allowed to operate or accept customers in total capacity because of the coronavirus threat, E-commerce sales increased—worldwide. The only straightforward and most convenient way to cater to people’s wants and needs is to order online without leaving home.


As mentioned earlier, food deliveries became widespread, and this means that food franchises took advantage and have adjusted well through the current situation and the changing consumer behaviour. It is customers who were interested in experimental dining that gave way to fast-food franchises.

See the complete list of businesses that will thrive after the pandemic through this infographic.

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