A Definitive Guide for Selecting the Best Pool Table

The pool game has become a popular indoor sport for family and friends who want to converse and entertain during social gatherings. Having a pool table at home can be a great asset as it provides social benefits for people, and can be unique antique furniture, together with a grand piano or a grandfather clock. Ergo, it is an excellent family heirloom.

Accordingly, many people are eyeing to purchase pool tables due to their popularity and benefits. Buying a pool table is a big decision as it is a valuable game table that can have a long-lasting life. It is crucial to get a pool table with components made from high-quality materials to secure a safe investment.

A quality pool table has components made from high-grade materials. It will help you decide what type of material you want for your table surface, fabric, frame, leg, and rails:

  • A high-quality playing surface is made from sturdy slate.
  • A durable and stain-resistant table fabric is made from a blend of wool and nylon cloth and coated with Teflon.
  • Long-lasting rails or cushions made from natural gum or gum blends.
  • Robust legs and frame that can support the playfield surface and whole structure of the table are typically made from solid wood.

Consequently, selecting a pool table should not only be dependent on quality. Instead, it would be best if you consider the size you want to have for your home. There are factors to consider when determining which size to purchase. The standard length of a billiard table ranges from 6′ to 9′ with varying width. Although you want to get the bigger one as it can provide a more exciting pool game, you should also consider the space where you will put it. It is vital to measure the entire area where you are planning to place it and make available at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the table and room to give players the ability to move around and aim with their cue sticks.

Making an informed decision when buying a pool table can be achieved by weighing your options and having proper research on the aspects to consider when purchasing one. Being meticulous with the table’s quality and its components can help you secure a long-lasting billiard table. This infographic of Olhausen details a guide on how to select the best pool table.

A Definitive Guide for Selecting the Best Pool Table

Infographic by – Olhausen Billiards

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