Why Your Garage Door Needs Regular Maintenance – Infographic

As long as you have a quality garage door, you can count on it to serve you well for a long time. However, some factors might make your garage door’s life shorter than expected. After all, sturdy and reliable as modern garage doors are, they are not indestructible.

One thing that can keep your garage door functioning properly for a long time is regular maintenance, either by you or professional garage door repair services. The funny thing is, garage doors are probably the most neglected parts of a home. Many homeowners seem to forget that their garage door needs some attention too.

When you perform regular maintenance on your garage door, you can avoid or at the very least, delay the onset of problems that garage doors eventually face. Lubricating the rollers regularly, for example, can go a long way in keeping the door opening and closing smoothly for a long time.

Then there are the sensors, which could malfunction if you don’t clean the lens as often as you can. These sensors work optimally when they are clean. Dirt on its lens can be an obstruction, so you must keep them spotless at all times.

Regular maintenance also keeps rust at bay. Your garage door opener has parts made of metal, and constant exposure to the elements can trigger the formation of rust. By rubbing a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar on metal parts that are starting to rust, you should be able to arrest their progress.

The best thing about regular maintenance is the fact that it will keep your garage door working properly for a very long time. Considering how expensive garage doors and garage door openers are likely to get over the years, it pays if you just do your garage door the simple favor of maintenance.

For garage door maintenance tips, check out the infographic below.

Why Your Garage Door Needs Regular Maintenance - Infographic

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