Into the Future: Dystopian Currencies – Infographic

A dystopian future is on everyone’s thought radar – its seems inevitable, given the continued onslaught of natural resources, global warming, rising water levels. And, if fiction takes its brief from reality, then movie-makers and gamers have done a great job of visualizing the future! They’ve fine-tuned their version of reality to the point where even the currencies are planned.

This infographic takes a sneak peek into imaginary dystopias (as seen in video games, movie or TV shows) and the currency that will drive their economies. It could be Merits (Black Mirror), Time (In Time), or $$-double dollars (Trigun). Who knows?!

20 Fictional Dystopian Currencies:

Into the Future: Dystopian Currencies - Infographic

Infographic by – TitleMax

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