DIY Natural: Dog Perfume & Essential Oils – Infographic

We’ll snuggle with our dogs through thick and thin. Through highs and lows and rain or shine — yes, even in the rain — they’re always by your side. You won’t stop giving them love, but let’s be honest — our pups can get a little stinky from time to time.

Luckily, there are doggy essential oil perfumes. We know essential oils have penetrated the human beauty market, but they’re just as great for our furry friends! These natural solutions not only help our dogs smell wonderful, but also have soothing effects that can do everything from calm an anxious pup or soothe an older dog’s joint pain.

This infographic by FragranceX describes not only how to make your very own blend of doggy perfume, but also which essential oils to use for a desired effect!

DIY Natural: Dog Perfume & Essential Oils - Infographic

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