Things You Didn’t Know About Covid-19 Mutation – Infographic

As the COVID-19 death toll already reached a 2 million mark worldwide, health care experts and world leaders exhaust all possible options to help alleviate the effects brought upon by the pandemic to people: businesses closed, a rise in the number of the unemployed, and restricted travels. Overseas travels have been stricter with a new rule implementation, such as issuing a COVID fit to fly certificate.

In just one year, the target rollout of the vaccine was possible. But just as all these are taking place, COVID-19 was found to have mutated into three new strains. (It looks like I need to find a PCR test near me after all huh?)

Experts worry that the vaccine’s effectiveness might be reduced due to the new viruses. Still, Pfizer and other vaccine producers like Moderna and AstraZeneca have high hopes that their vaccines can address the emergent viruses.

In this infographic, learn more things that you need to know about new strains discovered.

Things You Didn't Know About Covid-19 Mutation - Infographic

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