Consumer Goods – Asset Tracking And All You Need To Know About It

While transporting final commodities such as foodstuffs, clothing apparel, electronics, and so on, it is only natural that several questions arise.

“How do you stay constantly updated with the real-time location of your equipment?” 

“What would offer better solutions to monitor your treasured assets- a tracker like a GPS or an engine runtime recorder like an electronic logging device (ELD)?”

“Would there be any feasible way to dial down vehicular fuel consumption?” 

“Could you save precious banknotes by tracing every strand of usage?” 

“What happens when your assets get misappropriated, and there is no end in sight to ensure recovery?” 

“Would you be willing to shell out millions of dollars in refurbishing yourself with new equipment or go back in time and prevent such an occurrence in the first place?”


Don’t you feel your head spinning already? Don’t worry, that’s where asset tracking has got you covered!

Uniti Fiber, a telcom utility company, was forced to struggle with similar challenging doubts, among many others. With limited time in hand, and a 700+ fleet to manage, their task was made even more formidable when faced with the prospect of uniting several disparate fleets.

A lot was at stake, and the company definitely stood to lose if it weren’t for the timely intervention of advanced GPS tracking device systems that helped them chop off the unproductive windshield time and get their deliverables discharged by the clock.

Now, aren’t your interests piqued to get right to the nitty-gritty details of likewise superior resources?

Well, let’s get you in the know!

Laying Down the Ground Info

The 21st century has seen a remarkable surge in private label and direct-to-customer brands. It stands to reason that Consumer Goods may no longer be the absolute need of the hour.

There can be no hiding from the truth. Evolving demands of well-informed customers unlimited by choice and social media are booming: standing out and flexing your niche in an already hyper-saturated retail market seems to be a looming tsunami!

All this sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be!

While an overwhelming half of the consumer population is expected to shift entirely to an online mode of transaction, your industry can be prepared best for the incoming onslaught by cutting down on unnecessary spending, improving agility as per demand, and re-orienting yourself to a new reality!

This might get you pondering on the ‘how.’ Get your thinking caps on; it’s time to plan ahead and invest in a bright future!

Optimizing Asset Management

  1. Track Your Fleet

Any sort of efficient delivery would be outright impossible if you aren’t continuously updated with the movement of your mobile assets in real-time. Similarly, a complicated cluster of information on maps would impede clear decision-making.

Into the bargain, it’s a horror, not knowing when your assets are not in motion. Why would you want to be left entirely clueless as to what is happening in the field with your fleet?

Consumer Goods - Asset Tracking And All You Need To Know About It

Which is where special inventories with collaborative data from ESRI using ArcGIS facilities comes in. You can rest easy knowing that all location data of all your equipment can be accessed from a single place.

Label? Type? Location?

You name it, and the complete inventory of your assets will be made available to you!

  1. Protect Your Goods

In ideal situations, your equipment would probably not be stolen or misused by unauthorized personnel. But this is the real world you’re talking about.

Imagine having spent a fortune in acquiring your diverse fleet, only to be in for a rude shock later to find them vandalized, or worse yet- subjected to theft.

Which is why you need to be introduced to the concept of geofencing.

Prevention is better than cure. All you need to do is attach GPS trackers to your assets. The inbuilt RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allows for speedy alerts that would keep you in possession of every detail regarding the location of your asset, and you can heave a sigh of relief knowing your fleet is safe.

Too good an opportunity to pass by, right?

  1. Capture Asset Insights

Delivery. Organizing. Shipping.

These are the ultimate step by step processes you are gunning for. A rupture in any of these would fracture the entire chain of seamless management.

What if you are a food-based consumer goods industry, and the temperature fluctuations while traveling causes your liquid substances such as natural oils or fats to solidify? This would disarm your offloading operations. And what’s worse? You’d put a hole in your customers’ trust in your business!

Now, imagine this scenario, where you are delivering cheese instead, and your condenser breaks down.

Such unthinkable but realistic situations demand swift solutions like asset tracking functionalities to help you monitor and deliver immediate remedies.

  1. Forego the Dross

Admit it, all the extra vehicles in your fleet that have incurred irreparable damage are slowing down your operations. Time and cost management are your top priorities, and you simply cannot afford to lose both in dormant assets.

How do you get rid of the extra baggage?

Simple! There is a plethora of tracking devices at Samsara that are only too ready to latch onto your vehicles to provide automated inventory reporting and location history updation. All you have to do is install these camouflaged, sleek trackers.

Get ready to say goodbye to those automobiles that take up fleet space!

How Does All This Factor Into the Expenses Weighing on Your Pockets?

All this is bound to make you think of the inevitable money factor. Would this venture make good returns on your investments?

There is no reason for you to doubt otherwise.

Honestly, the incentives that push you to make wise decisions for the security of your assets are endless. You stand to gain more, reap more, grow more as a result of the farthings you put in today.

The ease of use, installation, quality customer support, undeniable security, and lest we forget- the significantly lower cost of maintenance are perks like nothing else!

So what are you waiting for? Get your goods tracked by you!

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