Common DIY Roofing Fails – Infographic

DIY, a short term for do-it-yourself projects, has been one of the biggest trends for some people who wanted to save money on specific home improvement services, such as installing a new roof. When it comes to roofing, there are a plethora of articles and tutorial videos available online that attract many household owners to resort to doing DIY projects. While these instructional materials can be quite tempting to give DIY a try, there are some risks associated with attempting home improvement projects that are commonly accomplished by seasoned professionals. The most obvious example would be the possibility of installing the roof in the wrong way. Considering the fact that the roofing system serves an integral part in protecting the house against outside elements and extreme weather changes, doing DIY roofing projects without prior knowledge and experience is a big gamble indeed.

The infographic below by Fahey Roofing will explain in detail the other examples of risks that can happen once you tried a DIY roofing project:

Common DIY Roofing Fails - Infographic

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