Colossal Facts About the Oceans – Infographic

Here’s a cool fact: the deep blue oceans are ‘blue’ because the vast waters actually absorb the red light from the color spectrum, leaving only blue! And there’s a lot of water to absorb the red – a mindboggling 1.35 billion km3!

It’s fascinating that Man, who has successfully traversed great distances in the universe, the farthest point of travel being 400,171 km from Earth, they haven’t managed to explore ocean depths, the deepest point being a mere 10.99 km! A good reason must be that the pressure there is 1.25 tons per square-cm! Read on for more amazing ocean facts.

How Deep is The Ocean?

Colossal Facts About the Oceans - Infographic

Infographic by – Cruise & Maritime Voyages

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