Choosing the Right Metal Roof Colors for Different Architectural Styles

Considering a metal roof? Great idea! There’s lots to like about metal as a roofing material. Plus, there’s sure to be a perfect color to match your particular home style. Skywalker Roofing is proud to present this handy infographic to help you explore the best colors for your metal roof.

We survey many popular home styles, and we dial down on which colors work best for various home exteriors. Here’s a sampling of what’s covered in the infographic:

Mediterranean Homes

The Mediterranean style (a.k.a. Spanish Revival or Spanish Mission) is modeled after Spanish homes and mission churches, featuring plaster walls, low-pitched tile roofs, and arches. Terracotta colors are a natural choice, but you have other options, too.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary architecture shares similarities with the Modern style, but the Contemporary style continues to evolve. It often features a boxy, modular layout, large windows, inclusion of sustainable materials, and a flat or low-pitched roof. There are really several good metal roof color choices.

Craftsman Homes

The Craftsman style emphasizes natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. These homes are compact with low-pitched roofs and attractive wood framing, and usually features porches as well. Lighter colors tend to work best, but brown roofs can work well with lighter-colored siding.

Colonial Homes

The Colonial-style often includes evenly spaced windows, shutters, and columns. Traditional grays, browns, blues, and blacks serve to enhance the classic look of these homes.

Ready to learn more about the applications of metal roofing – including choosing the right colors – for your particular home style? Check out the complete infographic.

Choosing the Right Metal Roof Colors for Different Architectural Styles

Infographic by – Skywalker Roofing Company

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