Cheat Sheet for Low-Fat Cooking – Infographic

A typical page from ‘I’m-desperately-trying-to-lose-weight’s diary: 8am: Perfect start with a fruit platter. 11am: I’m dying…maybe just one slice of cake. 1.30pm: the kids wanted pasta, I’ll just took a few bites! And, so, the day progresses – at the end, you’re beating yourself up for cheating, and probably stress-eating all the wrong things for dinner, because, ‘What’s the point?!’

Don’t fret! There are simple solutions for cooking delicious food in which the fatty ingredients are replaced with healthier, equally tasty options, for example: replace fat-laden pasta with spaghetti squash! Now you can bake cake and eat it too!

Cheat Sheet for Low-Fat Cooking - Infographic

Infographic Source: Cutting Out The Fat – A Cheat Sheet for Cooking by Chef Needs

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