Car Accident Injuries in California and The Damage They Do – Infographic

Due to the rise of traffic and the huge increase in automobiles, the chances of being involved in automobile accidents are getting higher. These accidents affect not only the victims but also their families as well. Damages are inevitable in these situations; that is why every uber lawyer and lyft lawyer wants to help improve the circumstances for the victims.

What types of injuries commonly result from traffic accidents?

  • Whiplash and Neck Injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Airbag Injuries
  • Back Injuries and Internal Injuries

What actions do victims need to take to be compensated after an accident?

The laws in California give accident victims up to two years to file a negligence claim. However, it is rarely advisable to wait that long as essential details may be forgotten and left out by the victims and witnesses. While it may be advisable to wait longer before filing a negligence claim to determine the extent of injuries and the likelihood of recovery, it is always best to act quickly.

The experts at Avrek Law Firm work with clients to confirm the best possible time to file a claim against a negligent driver. The first step to getting the compensation that you and your family deserve is to contact one of our personal injury attorneys today. Once the circumstances of the accident are analyzed, the attorney can recommend a course of action.

For more details on these, here is an infographic by Avrek Law Firm.

Car Accident Injuries in California and Their Impact:

Car Accident Injuries in California and The Damage They Do - Infographic

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