How Much Do Bathtub Liners Cost? – Infographic

If you’re using a bathtub, then the chances of you using bathtub liners are high, especially if you had an eye for bathtubs with long service lives since liners can prolong their lives by enhancing their durability.

Bathtub liners reinforce tubs by making them resistant to microbes, impacts, scratches, and bathroom cleaning chemicals, as well as having excellent molding characteristics, among others. If a homeowner can’t afford to replace their bathtubs entirely, then they can trust in bathtub liners to give their tubs a new look.

The typical bathtub liner could cost a homeowner around $700 to $1400, but the price rises when getting professionals to install them. Acrylic tub liners tend to be cheaper than the more durable PVC, but their installation process requires a professional’s services.

Getting a professional’s services might be costly, but it’s well worth the cost since you’ll get properly installed high-quality liners for your tub that you know would serve you well.  For more information on the cost of bathtub liners, see this infographic by Duracare Baths.

How Much Do Bathtub Liners Cost? - Infographic

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