Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment – Infographic

Moving into your first apartment can be a surreal yet incredibly exciting chapter of your life. Besides having a space to call your own, a new place is like a blank canvas where you can unleash your creativity. You can design your apartment in any way you choose.

Still, this requires making a thousand tiny little decisions. It’s essential to be strategic once you’ve started settling in to sort it all out. You should start by setting up the most important rooms in your new place, with the bathroom being one of these first rooms.

The bathroom may not be as glamorous or large compared to the other rooms in your apartment, but it’s a functional space that you will be using multiple times on just one day. While a luxurious towel and soap aren’t necessary on the first night, it’s still essential to have it well-stocked with the basics as soon as you move in.

To start, Mr. Rooter Plumbing lists a few necessities that you would need once you move into your new apartment.

Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment - Infographic

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