Are You Ready for Generation “Next Normal”? – Infographic

The pandemic brought a lot of changes to our world. It starts with our way of life down to how we deal with people. We learned to adapt to these changes, especially in our lifestyle. This has produced a new set of people with a different set of values and discipline. This is a way to emerge victorious in today’s world.

The New Normal generation has certainly created its own rules in order to succeed. What are the traits of this new generation of people? Persistence is one trait of the new generation because they can stick to the task no matter the roadblock ahead. Grit is another trait that can’t be removed to get things done. Authenticity is being real. People today can spot fake. Resilience, and of course sense of purpose are the other new-gen traits. Check out the infographic to learn more about the traits of the new generation.

Are You Ready for Generation “Next Normal”? - Infographic

Infographic by – Pursuit of Passion

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