Apple’s Journey to $1 Trillion – Infographic

When Apple became the world’s first $1 trillion company in summer 2018, everyone wanted to know how a startup founded in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage became the most powerful tech giant in the world.

It all started when Apple’s first product, the Apple I, started selling like hot cakes in the mid-70s, prompting Jobs and Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak to expand their product range.

Before the 1983 release of Apple Lisa, the first personal computer with a graphical user interface (GUI), Apple had already gone public by conducting an Initial Public Offering of 4.6 million shares which made Jobs and Wozniak multi-millionaires overnight.

But Apple’s long journey to success wasn’t always a smooth ride. Take a look at the infographic below by The to find out the rest of the story!

Apple’s Journey to $1 Trillion – Infographic

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