7 Artsy Hotels Around The World – Infographic

Art has become an integral part of our society ever since the early age. Today, you can see a lot of art installations from almost everywhere: from parks, restaurants, roads, and even public vehicles. However, little do anyone knows that arts play a critical role in tourism industry nowadays- specifically in the hotel industry.

More and more people rate their hotel experience not only with its quality of service but on the overall ambiance and mood that it sets at the very moment they step inside its premises. And as such, a lot of hotels around the world are investing in art to entice more customers and travelers and boost their experience as they enjoy their stay at the hotel.

With a lot of hotels following this trend, there are a handful who certainly excel at doing this. Check this infographic from Accent Art and Frame as they present to us the seven most art-embellished hotels around the world.

7 Artsy Hotels Around The World - Infographic

Infographic by – Accent Art and Frame

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