65 Years Young: Ford Transit’s Evolution – Infographic

Can you answer this quiz question: What is common between bank-robbery getaway vehicles, the police force, and the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? You guessed right – it’s the Ford Transit, an iconic vehicle that’s been around since 1965! It’s a smart looking Light Commercial Vehicle that’s perfect for carrying cargo or large groups of people, and it’s been Britain’s favorite decade after decade.

Its also USA’s best-selling van since 2016, with over 57% market share. And, globally, it’s the third best-selling van of all time. Need we say more? This infographic highlights more fascinating facts about the Ford Transit.

65 Years Of The Ford Transit – The UK’s Most Popular Van:

65 Years Young: Ford Transit’s Evolution - Infographic

Infographic by – Fulton Vehicle Leasing

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