How Much it Would Cost Billionaires to End Society’s Biggest Challenges – Infographic

Just how much money do billionaires have? Of course over $1 billion in assets, but what does that really mean? How much value does $1 billion hold? How far can it stretch?

Self Lender conducted a study to see what societal problems billionaires have the means to solve. America struggles with multiple economic issues, including low minimum wages, debt (credit card and student), homelessness, and rising health care costs. To put the problems in perspective, full-time minimum wage workers are just barely above the poverty line and our collective debt surmounts $1 trillion.

So, could billionaires mitigate some of these dilemmas by generously opening their wallets? It may very well be possible that the world’s highest-earning people have the resources to end society’s biggest challenges. The infographic below shows the results of Self Lender’s study. They researched the average net worth of the richest billionaires to see how much they could potentially contribute to our fiscal complications.

There are over 2,000 billionaires globally, and the top 500 alone have a combined net worth exceeding $5 trillion. Among the couple thousand billionaires, Self Lender concluded that the average net worth neared $4 billion. Keep reading to see what this money could do.

Could Billionaires End Society’s Biggest Challenges?

How Much it Would Cost Billionaires to End Society's Biggest Challenges - Infographic

Infographic by – Self Lender

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