Installing 2nd WhatsApp on Your Phone – Infographic

WhatsApp has become the new messaging application tool for sending and receiving text messages, videos, pictures, files, and even calls or video calls. This breakthrough has helped many people to connect.

It even has been the application that was used by most companies in the U.S for communication. Because it made an allowance to employees and superiors to the fact that WhatsApp messages can be automatically be turned into an email.

But wait, there’s more, there is now a second WhatsApp application that you can be installed on your phone.

This is rather convenient for those who are using the app for personal and company use. However, that is not the only thing that you can utilize for.

Read the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage to know more about the things why installing 2nd WhatsApp can be useful for you:

Installing 2nd WhatsApp on Your Phone - Infographic

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