2021 Roofing Trends – Infographic

The most common form of roofing material today and one of the most timeless roofing trends is asphalt shingles. Many homeowners are switching to asphalt shingles in areas of their home that experience high winds, like their driveway, patio, or porch. Asphalt Shingles is becoming more popular because of the durability, traction, lightweight, fire resistance, and energy efficiency that asphalt shingles provide.

Many roofing contractors are also adapting their roofs to meet the changing needs of their clients. Other roofing trends offenders for this year may include low-pitched roofs and long, sleek lines, using and mixing different roofing materials, availability of drones, new color roofs, and usage of sustainable materials. While it is difficult to say what will be the next popular choice among homeowners, the trend of using multiple materials in the form of roofing systems seems to be on the rise. New technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes continue to improve and increase in capability, which can help with the overall process of building and installing a new roof for any type of structure. However, regardless of which roofing trend is utilized, one thing remains true: there is always a possibility of better technology and materials coming out in the future. To know more about roofing trends this 2021, you can check this infographic from Universal Contracting of Florida.

2021 Roofing Trends - Infographic

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