15 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence – Infographic

Emotional Intellect is the sum of a person’s skills and abilities to recognize emotions, to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of others and their own, as well as the ability to manage their emotions and emotions of others in order to solve practical problems.

Over the past two decades, many EQ studies have been published, most of which have revealed the undeniable benefits of a high level of emotional awareness and intelligence. Some scholars even insist on the need to include EQ-based education in the school curriculum.

Academic research is associated with stress and anxiety that manifests itself in various forms during research-related events. For example, students may be overburdened with home tasks and don’t have enough time for self-care, as a result, they live in permanent stress and burnout. Another example is about going to a new college or school and being afraid of making a bad impression on mates. Also many students are very anxious during the examination period, which can stretch for weeks and even some months of exhausting study and get a poor grade. EQ helps students overcome their emotional problems and achieve a higher level in academic and social challenges that they face every day. Anyone can train and develop an EQ level.

This infographic shows 15 practical ways to improve emotional intelligence.

15 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence - Infographic

Infographic by – IvyPanda

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