12 Healthy Alternatives To Sugar – Infographic

Not only is sugar full of empty calories, but we also tend to consume it more than the normal amount. Another very important thing you should practice is – reading labels. Does your food say “no sugar” or “low sugar”? Read the ingredients. More often than not, the sugar is replaced by an even unhealthier element like – fructose, aspartame, corn syrup, etc. so yes, ditch the diet coke! If anything, it will get you off track.

If you are on the route to a healthier lifestyle, ditch the sugar and take a look at this infographic for 12 amazing healthy alternatives to sugar and sugar unhealthy replacements. Jaggery is the easiest available and cost-effective option. Read on for more.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Sweeteners:

12 Healthy Alternatives To Sugar - Infographic

Infographic by – Health Perch

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